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Thread: CD tray eject with Apple USB Keyboard?

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    CD tray eject with Apple USB Keyboard?
    Hello. Does anybody know of a way to get the cd tray to eject, on a say an eMac, while using the smaller and older iMac USB keyboard?

    I have an eMac set up as a server, and I really don't need it to have an extended keyboard AND I need the extended keyboard where there is the small iMac keyboard (on an old G3 server. When I switched the two around, I lost the ability to open the CD tray with the keyboard.

    ACTUALLY, JUST as I am writing this, it occured to me to manually open the eMac front CD access panel and hit the eject button that way. But still, is there another keyboard shortcut to open the try?

    Thanks for any feedback!


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    try holding F12 if you have the button

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