For some unknown reason to me, the Airport in the Macbook just won't connect to our WiFi signal. It can find the network ok, but whenever it tries to connect to it, I get the 'Connection timeout' message.

This just came on suddelny, as I was browsing the internet - sites just wouldn't load anymore, and I noticed that I wasn't connected to the network, so I went into the Network panel on the System Prefrences - but whenever I try to log in, I just get the Connection Timeout message.

I've searched online for a good few hours, and nothing has helped - from hitting the '-' under the Airport pane on the left to add a new one, to moving the System Configuration folder from my Library to my Desktop and restarting. All my other machines can connect to the wireless without a problem.

One thing we have installed recently is the Logitech Media Server to play our music through the Squeezebox Touch - is there anyone that can help me figure out what's causing the problem? I've tried everything I can think of.

Thank you

- The Macbook is running OS X 10.5.8.