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Thread: Macintosh classic ii keyboard issue

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    Jan 11, 2012
    Macintosh classic ii keyboard issue
    the keyboard on my classic II is acting funny or i am completely freaking out. whenever i go to type in claris works the keys are all jumbled and instaed of a qwerty set up it is a bunch of symbols and shapes. i open the key caps window and see that you can switch between characters but it invariably goes back to the symbols. *is the option key supposed to be blacked out even when i am not pressing it* when the key caps window is open??? this is very frustrating and i am not sure what to do please help!!

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    It may be time to hunt up another keyboard or you need Nortons Utilities to repair the system files...they get messed up over time. Very few people here still mess with old Macs...and your kinda on your own.

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    Your option key may be stuck.

    You could pull the keyboard keys off and give it a clean or look on ebay for an ADB keyboard. I have one, maybe a spare - I would have to have a look in the attic
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    i think i may have solved the problem for the time being! i took the keyboard apart and gave it a good blowout, who knows the last time this was cleaned! or if it ever has seems to be working fine for now! louishen if you DO have a spare you could part with i will gladly accept!! i could use it for one of my other systems! thanks for the replies

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