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    my book studio not spinning up
    My external HDD formatted for os x stopped spinning up the other day and before I start thinking about platter swapping, or something else that has the equal potential for complete failure, I was hoping that someone could give me some different ideas to try and retrieve the data on the drive.

    I took out the drive and put it in an external enclosure that I have used for several other drives with issues but got no response. The enclosure is getting adequate power, however, drive does not spin up.

    Drive is western digital caviar green 1 TB.

    I do not want to give up on this drive, the data is business critical. Please help

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    If the drive refuses to spin up there's not much you can do. Data Recovery software won't work if the drive is dead. The only possibility of getting at the data on the drive is to use a data recovery service. You need to decide how critical the data is and how much you're willing to spend to recover it.

    But first I would give WD a call and see what they can do for you if the drive is still under warranty. Sometimes the electronics on a drive dies but the data is intact. It may be possible to repair the drive or swap the board on the drive and recover the data. WD may do it for you. Won't hurt to ask them.

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