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Thread: Problem connecting macbook pro osx 10.5.8 to an external monitor

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    Problem connecting macbook pro osx 10.5.8 to an external monitor

    I am having a problem connecting an Ben Q G2750 to my Macbook Pro. I have connected the monitor to the laptop via a dvi/d to the minidisplay on the mac. I go into displays to 'detect displays' and nothing is showing when clicked. When i turn the monitor off and on i can quickly select whether i am using the dvi/d or the D/Sub. I obviously select DVI/d and the monitor shows No Input Signal and it just goes into standby. (The manual is absolute crap so i don't know whether there is a menu or what put i have pressed a menu button at the side and nothing happens.)

    Other info. If i disconnect the minidisplay while both are plugged in the display on the macbook goes onto a blue screen for 1 sec then back to normal.

    Also i have set my display on the macbook at every setting just to see if it will link and nothing. I have emailed ben Q but i was just seeing if i can get any help tonight.

    Thanks people

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    Read our Sticky Post at the top of this forum which talks about hooking your Mac to a TV or external monitor. It's a long post but contains very good information which should help you.

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