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    Keyboard for Power Mac G5
    I am new to MacForum, so thank you for your time.

    I need a new keyboard for my PowerMac G5. It does have bluetooth capibility, but is there a wireless keyboard that works with this? I am using OSX 10.4.11, which I believe is the highest it can go on this machine.

    Please advise and if wireless or wired, suggest best place to buy.

    Thank you.

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    On a PowerMac G5 you can go as high as OSX 10.5.8 leopard os wise. as for the keyboard, any apple wireless keyboard should work or even a cheap USB wireless keyboard. I personally like wired because you don't need to worry about batteries, but wireless is still very good. if you are looking where to buy one I would say ebay is definitely where I would look first, you can also try any retail store like Wal-Mart if your ok with a generic one.

    hope this helps,


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    I have been using a wireless keyboard with rechargeable batteries. I can usually go several weeks between charges.if I notice that the batteries are low I put them on the charger overnight and they are good to go the next day. I keep a set of regular batteries in case I forget to charge them.

    I also keep a cheap/old wired keyboard around for troubleshooting.
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