I wonder if anyone here might be able to help me with this:
I have an Epson Stylus DX5000 (non-wireless) printer/scanner, which I have been using happily with 2 macs - a macbook white running snow leopard and a macbook air running Lion.
Today I set up an airport extreme which I wanted to use to connect to my printer and Lacie external hard drive from any computer wirelessly.
The AX is set up correctly, green light, airport utility says it is running with no problems, and I can see both the printer and the hard drive in airport utility.
However, when I try to print or back up to the hard drive, the devices cannot be found.
One thing at a time: the Apple support website gave a list of things to try, the last of which was to delete and reinstall the printer - and here's the problem: when I did this, and tried to add it again, it said "software is available from Apple for this printer, click Add to download and add your printer"; then a minute or two later "software is UNavailable - please contact your printer manufacturer for software". So I did this and downloaded the driver from Epson - but every time I try to add the printer I am caught in the same loop!
Help! How can I add the printer without getting trapped in this loop? The driver is downloaded but Lion can't seem to access it.
If I get this solved I might still be back for more help getting the Lacie to work...
In the meantime, many thanks for any tips or suggestions,