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    Airport Express as a Bridge... to multiple devices on a switch?
    The network: I have an Airport Express connected via 802.11n to an Airport Extreme. The Extreme is connected to the DSL modem/router/switch. The Extreme is set up to hand out DHCP addresses. The AE is set up as a bridge. Connected to the LAN port of the AE is an 8-port gigabit switch. The switch has 6 devices connected to it. All of them are set up as DHCP.

    One of the 6 devices is really 3 devices: it's a DirecTV system with 3 DVRs in the home, all using DirecTV's "Whole Home DVR" service. The installation uses the existing coax that runs to between the dish and the DVR located with the AE/Switch, and then gets distributed to the other 2 DVRs via the coax used to between the dish and those DVRs. DirecTV did the installation and used their (possibly proprietary) ethernet / coax adapters.

    The intent is for the AE to provide a network drop at a location where wired network is impractical - essentially "extending" the 802.11n network from the Extreme to the AE - the AE then being the virtual network drop at this location where there are several network devices.

    The problem: randomly, devices connected to the 8-port switch drop off. Rebooting the switch or the AE sometimes brings them back. The devices that drop off are not always the same devices. The consistency seems to be the number of devices - never more than 6 at one time are online, which leads me to the question:

    Is there a maximum number of devices that the AE can handle on its LAN port? If so, what is that number and have I exceeded it? Is it a problem with the Extreme and not the AE? I've tried different switches - includeing 10/100's and Gigabit switches. The problem has yet to be resolved. I have also removed the DirecTV Whole Home DVR setup from the network, but the problems continue.

    Your help is appreciated.

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    Did you ever find a way to fix your problem? I am trying to do the same with bridging a test home virtual server to the airport express... it only allows some devices connectivity and which those are will change throughout a day randomly.

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