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Thread: please help! cinema display (ADC) to Quad-Core(DVI) dilemna

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    please help! cinema display (ADC) to Quad-Core(DVI) dilemna
    Hello Mac Users,

    I have a first generation cinema display, which has an unremovable ADC power cord. Problem is with my new Quad Core the two don't pair up. And I'm forced to use a crappy LG monitor that doesn't calibrate properly.

    I have looked online for a ADC-DVI adapter and have found one for relatively cheap but the sexes are wrong. So unless there is some way of getting the back plug out of the monitor, I am desperately searching for a ADC-F to DVI (preferably male) converter.

    The only other option I have is to ship my other cinema, but I don't have the original box, since it was bought used. So if you happen to own a 27'' Cinema Display box, that would be interested in selling me, renting to me, or giving to me, or a solution to my ADC-DVI problem I would be very appreciative.

    Thank you,


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    G'day and welcome tot he forums.

    There are two you are probably looking at. The Apple ADC/DVI adapter cost about US$100 when available four or five years ago, and included a mains power connector, the ADC connector which plugs into the DVI and then into the graphics card, and a USB lead.

    Really they are well passed it now and cause all sorts of problems with a reasonably modern computer. This includes slow boot times, unable to boot from install and application DVD's. Also they were huge bulky things to keep on your 'outer desk.

    This is what the ADC/DVI adapter looked like. You can see they are bulky with mains plugs, control box, DVI cable and USB cable.
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    Ya, I saw the adapter soon after making this post. Thanks anyway. Not sure what I'm going to do with this thing now.. hopefully i'll find a monitor box somewhere. The postal service here won't insure it without its original box.

    Thank you very much for you reply!

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