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    Apple Mice for a MacBook Pro?
    My trusty old Microsoft mouse from 2003 has finally died, and I need a new one. I find Logitech wireless mice sketchy on my MacBook, and I think I want to go with one that plugs in. I was looking at the two models of mice they have for Mac, one with a cord, the other wireless. What are your thoughts on these?

    My problem with the Mac mice of the past has been that they're a little too simple... But I see the new ones have two buttons, scroll, and all sorts of interesting features for viewing images/pages (zoom etc, a lot like the track pad). Would people here recommend them? How have you found the switch from traditional mice to the Apple ones?

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    Here is my opinion: I have both an Apple wireless mouse (2011 model) and an Apple wired version (2008) and I can't stand either one. Instead I use an inexpensive Logitech wired mouse that I bought at Wal-Mart for $14.95 which works great for me.

    I guess I'm just an old fashioned dog that can't be taught all those new fangled gestures.

    PS: I also can't stand the wireless keyboard that came with my iMac.

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    I use the Microsoft 6000 wireless mouse for my '08 iMac and mid '09 MBP. Works fine on both, never had any issues. Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 - Black: Electronics

    My mouse of choice though is the Logitech G700 which I use on my "not a Mac" gaming laptop. Best mouse I have ever owned. I've used the Microsft 3500 and 6000, Apple wired mouse, Razer Deathadder, and the Logitech M700 G500 and G700. Nothing comes close to the G700.

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    I love my Magic Mouse and BT keyboard. I use them whenever my notebook is on my desk, which is nearly always.

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