So your printer has a problem... Here are a few ideas that can help. This was written for another member w/ a specific problem, but will really work to fix a lot of printer related issues.

Alright, here are our suggestions...

1. Download the newest version of the mac software and drivers for your printer. This is available on the manufacturer's website.

2. Download this program, and run everything it has to select. Make sure you download the Tiger version. (I recommend running this at least once a month anyways, and for sure if your computer seems to slow down. There are other programs that do the same thing as Yasu, but in my opinion it is the easiest to use).

3. Go to your hard drive, then Applications, then Utilities, then "Disk Utility" and select your hard drive, and click "repair permissions." (Yasu also does this, but running it twice can't hurt, right?)

4. Go to System Preferences, and then "Users." Create a new user, and allow that user to administer your computer. Then, try and print while logged in as that user. (If the other user works, then you know there is a problem with something for the old user's account)

5. Try printing from other programs, and if possible test with another computer.

6. Download the Printer Setup Repair Software here: Just go through, and run everything it can do. It may take a little messing around to figure out the program. It is shareware, but it works for 7 days without paying. enough to fix your problem.

7. When you print, try the "Print to PDF" option. Does this create an error error?

8. Contact the manufacturer, and ask them if the driver for your printer supports your specific version of your operating system.

I'd just run through each one of those. Do #1, try and print, go to #2, try and print, etc. Be sure to tell us what happens, if the problem continues, I'll rack my brain and search around to find another solution. If the problem is fixed, drop us a line to tell us it worked