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    minidisplay port to thunderbolt
    I was thinking of picking up a thunderbolt cinema display. my problem is i dont have a thunderbolt capable computer. I just have a mini display port. so will these 2 work together if i plug thunderbolt cable into my mini display port. will this work? im a little confused about the compatibilty between the two. i thought thunderbolt was backwards compatible with mini display port.

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    Nope, it won't work. Thunderbolt is backward compatible but only works in one direction. For example: My 2011 iMac has a Thunderbolt port - I can use a MDP adapter and the appropriate cable to a display that is not Thunderbolt. It won't work going the other way which is what you're asking.

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    It's a little odd that it won't work, simply displaying at a lower resolution than what Thunderbolt is capable of.

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