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Thread: USB 3.0 too fast for PCI?

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    USB 3.0 too fast for PCI?
    Seasons Greetings guys!

    Just got an iomega 1TB for xmas, with usb 3.0. Thing is, the machine I need it for is my dinosaur FW800 I use for everything other than my studio work. [no, not the one with the skateboard wheels]

    It runs fine through my USB2 PCI card, but I'm wondering if anyone, anywhere makes a PCI card with USB3?? The only ones I can find are PCI-E and it got me wondering, has USB now become too fast for an old PCI bus entirely?! If it has, then I'll have to suffer USB2 forever, as even after my current Pro is long replaced, my G4 will always be here

    Cheers for any advice guys.

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    USB 3 is way faster than even the fastest PCI standard (about 533 MBits/s, but many ant 266 Mbits/s) - USB 3 is 5 Gbit/s
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    crumbs. usb2 it is then.

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