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    StyleWriter II won't print!

    I found a used StyleWriter II for my Macintosh SE recently, and originally it would print ok, but now it won't. Basically when I turn it on it will feed one of the papers all the way through, and then will reverse as if it is trying to feed it back into the tray, and then the orange light comes on (I assume this orange light signifies a paper jam). It does this exact same thing when I actually go to print, and also when I cancel a print job it does this. I am wondering if there is a sensor or something that is dirty, maybe, and isn't registering paper in the feed and is causing this problem? Does this problem sound familiar?


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    Try to reload the driver for the you have the OS floppies. Also go into the preferences folder in the system folder and trash the printer preferences. Also sometimes the cable goes bad..reverse it or find another one.

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