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    Airport Exteme + Airport express connectivity
    Hi to All!!

    I have been looking for some info on airport extreme and airport express on this forum and I found A LOT, however since my case is quite personalised I would like your knowledge and insights if possible


    I am renovating my house and I was thinking about the wi-fi systems. I will have a main wireless router inhouse and i plan to extend a Data Cable into the garden cause it is quite far away, so I can have internet there.
    I was thinking of getting an airport extreme as a base inside the house, and then connect an airport express on the cable extension on the garden, so I can have wireless on the garden as well.

    The airport extreme will have
    1) a hard disk drive connected for file sharing on the network
    2) a wireless printed connected for wireless printing

    The airport express.
    1)Will be on the garden connected to airport extreme through the data cable
    2)Will be connected to the stereo as well to use the Airplay function to stream music from my macbook to the stereo

    My questions are:
    a) Is all this possible??

    b) Will I be able to use the features of airport extreme while i am in the garden through Wi-Fi.? I.e browse and stream videos photos etc from the external drive connected to airport extreme inside the house, or print from the garden to the printed wirelessly connected to airport extreme(i know it is quite stupid to print while you are in the garden, but just in case ).

    c) Will I be able to use my laptop on the garden to stream music from the HDD inside the house and then stream it to the Stereo in which the airport express is connected??

    Guys thank you very just for reading all this, Imagine how much will appreciate some replies!


    P.S 1 Will all the above also work with PC's instead of Macs?
    P.S 2 If all this is possible then do you think I can connect the same way more than one airport express? i.e in the basement (if the coverage of airport extreme is not enough to reach the basement)

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    These are good questions; however, I have been unable to test all of the above, because I too have pretty much the same setup as you, except my airport extreme is also a 2TB time capsule instead of a separate connected drive. When I connected the express via ethernet, I set it up to "Extend a wireless network"; and it all seemed to work as implied throughout the setup with the same SSID, password, etc.; however, my devices seem to get confused depending on which airport they connect to... it seems that it will normally pick up on the express, but there was an issue with it accepting the password, which is controlled by the extreme... and I could not get my devices to work properly on the wireless until I just unplugged the express... the setup was very straightforward, so I don't know what the problem is....???

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