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    macbook pro to vizio tv via dvi to hdmi
    hey guys im new to this but I have a Vizio 37" tv (Vizio 37" 1080p LCD HDTV -, this is my exact tv) and I recently bought a dvi to hdmi adapter to hook up my macbook pro. I first tried it on a 19" philips flat screen tv I have thats a few years old and it worked perfect but on my big tv it will sometimes pull the picture up but then flashes back to a black screen. It will come back and show the computer screen for a little bit and then go black again. It basically switches between black screen and computer screen every minute or so. I have played with the setting a little bit on the MBP mirroring the windows and such, I have also tried both HDMI ports I have HDMI 1 doesn't work at all and HDMI 2 does the switching thing.

    Any ideas ???? I don't know much about this stuff and am afraid Ill screw something up if I start clicking to much

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    could be the adapter itself. might try a different one

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