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    anyone else experiencing mouse sensitivity issues?
    Hey everyone,

    I think I'm either going crazy but...does anyone else here experience a slight lag or erratic mouse performance?? I have a macbook pro and I paired a bluetooth logitech mouse with it and for the most part it works fine...but it just seems that it's NOT as accurate as when I was using it on my it's not as "sensitive and accurate"...I have tweaked the mouse settings various times to see if i could mitigate the issue but it's just...weird??

    I also wanted to know if you guys think there is a performance or sensitivity and accuracy difference between bluetooth and USB mouses...

    from past experiences I've used wireless USB mouses and they all worked perfectly...but since switching to just feels different...haha

    I know it seems strange but anyone else??

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    Mouse weirdness
    I've had that problem with a few of the mice in my classroom. I thought I had a defective one at first, but now I'm leaning towards some conflict between the wireless mouse and plugged in USB devices. If I unplug the USB devices, it seems to be ok .... most of the time.

    Anyone else with a better idea?

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