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    Have a problem with my Toshiba A120, Possible loose wiring?
    Ok, so i dropped my A120, from what i was aware, the screen and harddrive broke.
    I bought another broke A120, with a fixed screen, but broken motherboard.
    So i put my motherboard into this one, and its working PERFECTLY...


    If you move the laptop, the colours go weird(a lot of pink). But if you compress(with your fingers) either side of the mousepad, it goes back to normall(untill you let go). Squeeze to hard...and the laptop freezes.

    Possible Loose wiring? Ive had a look and cant see anything. Could anybody tell me what I am looking for(specific part/wire).

    Thank you!

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    Possible Loose wiring? Ive had a look and cant see anything. Could anybody tell me what I am looking for(specific part/wire).
    I think you're on the right track. I have one of those Toshiba notebooks (still working) but have not dug on down to the motherboard. I've swapped out the hard drive and worked on the optical drive several times though. Take a close look at the cabling from the LCD down through the hinge area on to the MB. Make sure everything is orientated correctly and not being pinched off.

    Do a google search and see if you can locate a service manual for that model. If I remember correctly, the service manual covers that model and several others. You may have to pay for the manual. If you're lucky, you may be able to find a PDF copy that can be downloaded. And forget about going to the Toshiba site.

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    In such cases, you have to recheck your work. I don't how you did this, but it appears that at least this needs to done. Wire harness, do lock-in though it may not appear so. these are minor capture lock to squeeze in to seize the wire harness to retain position. Also, because wire harness that are flat as in "ribbon" type can be too easily broken if handled too harshly. The break will be intermittent and only a minor soldering and/or replacement will do. It needs to inspected closely to see if such exists. I can't stress enough that deft handling has to be done. Also, if done wrong and wiring was pulled w/o unlocking which can be easily done, the locking mechanism is kaput. Again, you should inspect and review all areas you handled and don't take anything for granted.Also, route any wiring/harness as too not be stressed or pinched. good luck

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