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Thread: Time Capsule Reliability

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    Time Capsule Reliability

    I was looking at Time Capsule as a solution for my wireless backup for Mackbook Pro and Imac as well as a partition for my PC but have read some terrible reports on reliability of this product. Many people say it only lasts 18 months then dies.

    Is this really the case? Have these issues been resolved by Apple? Any advice would be really appreciated.


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    Mine died after almost 3 years. I have the very first 500gb model they made. I did research online and found an Apple TSB referring to the exact issue mine had--a failed power supply. I printed the TSB and took it to the Apple Store. They replaced it with a new (refurb) unit, no questions asked.

    On a side note, the battery in my 2009 MBP died this week. I took it in to Apple and they replaced the battery on the spot.

    Even if a product has a slightly higher than average failure rate (not saying the Time Capsule does), to me, the more important factor is how the manufacturer handles the situation.

    And note that if you purchase a Time Capsule while you own a Mac covered by Applecare, the Applecare coverage automatically covers the Time Capsule as well. The same is true if you purchase a Mac w/ Applecare up to two after the Time Capsule purchase.

    Also, check the refurb site on the Apple website. I've seen some great deals on Time Capsules there. Here's one for $209, although I've seen them as low as $189.

    Refurbished Time Capsule - 1TB, w/Simultaneous Dual-Band Wi-Fi - Apple Store (U.S.)

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    Love my Time Capsule. Haven't owned it long enough to know about reliability over time, but it is easily the cleanest router/backup/NAS solution I have ever dealt with.

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    The 1st gen TC had an issue with the power supply at about 18 months on some of them. Have not heard nor seen this reported on any model of the TC since then.

    I have one of those 1st gen 1TB models that is still going - just over 4 years old now.
    And Apple is still supporting it as they released a new firmware update for it about 2 weeks ago.
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