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Thread: isub with 10.2.8

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    isub with 10.2.8
    I should need one piece of advice. My new Isub works flawlessly if used with 9.2. However, with 10.2.8, I do not get ANY sound until I unplug and plug isub USB. Then, isub bellows at full volume, regardless of volume adjustment. As soon as I'd touch the keyboard volume control, isub mutes. I read that the combination 10.2.8 and isub should work, but how?
    Please help or just confirm if it works for you.

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    i looked around and this was all i could find

    The iSub does not work under OS 10.2 (Jaguar)?
    OS 10.2 now includes an individual volume control for the iSub. When OS 10.2 is installed it automatically defaults the iSub at minimum volume. Make sure you have the volume for the iSub turned up in your system preferences under sound/output tab. If you do not see the iSub volume control, make sure you have the iSub plugged directly into the computer and restart.

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    Do you have a pair of Apple Pro speakers along with your iSub? I don't think the iSub works without the Apple Pro Speakers in 10.2.8 I have this set up at home and it works fine. It actually works better in 10.3 because the iSub works truely as a subwoofer. In 10.2.8, it had the mid range sound coming out of it also. You can test it out by hitting the mute button on the keyboard. I hope this helps.

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