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    Post IBM's first 64-bit blade servers to use G5 chip

    IBM's first 64-bit blade servers to use G5 chip
    November 14, 2003 - 10:03 EST* IBM on Tuesday will unveil a new line of blade servers based on the same 64-bit PowerPC 970 processor that Apple uses in its Power Mac G5. "The new system, called the eServer BladeCenter JS20 will be IBM's first 64-bit blade offering, joining the 32-bit Xeon HS20 systems IBM is already shipping," Infoworld reports. "The JS20 will come with a lower price tag than its 32-bit Xeon relatives, IBM said. Dual-processor systems will be priced starting at $2,699, one dollar less than the starting price of the HS20, said Jeff Benck, IBM's vice president of eServer BladeCenter."

    My Comments: Im kind of surprised that Apple didn't license with IBM with an agreement that only they could use the processors.. interesting...

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    I really don't think Apple has anything to worry about. It appears, they are going after two different markets. Also application software is a factor.

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    there was probly something in the initial contract with IBM that IBM can use anything they make.

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    i'm sure you didn't notice the dates on this thread then? it's over 5 years old...
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