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    Backing up an external hard drive
    I have 300GB Iomega firewire drive that I has my working files on it. I work off of it at home with my G5 and take it with me every day when using my Macbook Pro laptop so it does a lot of traveling. I would like to make a back-up copy of the entire drive. I have SuperDuper and a 1TB drive that I use to backup my G5 and I thought I would be able to select the Iomega drive and copy the files to one of the empty partitions on that drive but the Iomega drive is not available in the drop down menu to copy. What is the best way to copy these files to the 1TB drive? Drag and drop, in my past experience, has not worked, it usually has some error and stops.
    I've Googled this but don't really find a good solution. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    I am not sure, but there is a difference in the versions of SuperDuper!.... there is a free version and a paid version.
    I am using the paid version and have no problems backing up an external disk to another external disk.
    Not much of a help I know, but it is all I can think off for the moment.

    Cheers ... McBie
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