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    Best printer for high output due to kids homework requirements.
    I have 2 kids that currently use the printer a lot for school work. Currently we have an HP Photosmart wireless printer. Dont get me wrong, it works great. My problem is that we go through ink like crazy. Having 5 cartrigdges for ink is great and two of those are for black ink (photo and regular), but those cartridges are small and having my wife basically buying week every two weeks.

    That being said what type of printer would you recommend that is relatively cheap, handles I guess high output, and prints great pictures as well? Maybe I should either ask their teachers to stop requiring so much homework, or ask the kids to stop being so creative!!

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    price per print on laser is much cheaper than inkjet, photo quality? not so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dysfunction View Post
    price per print on laser is much cheaper than inkjet, photo quality? not so much.
    +1 on the laser

    If you have room, keep the inkjet and hook it up when you need to print photos.
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    As with what others said gest a laser can't beat the cost when it comes to heavy printing and keep the Photosmart for photos and projects where images are important.

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    I just picked up another color laser today at the thrift store for$10.00. Works great. Offces get rid of used lasers all the time and theres nothing wrong with them ...My need a toner.

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