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    MagSafe Power Adapter
    My dog thought it would be a good idea to chew my wife's power cord (A1330) right where it plugs into the computer. Anyway, is it possible for me to cut the line back three or four inches and reattach it to the magnetized fitting that plugs into the Mac? I'm reasonably proficient at things like this, but I wanted to see if others have experience in a similar application. I didn't know what the interals look like with regards to how the wires are attached to the fitting, so I figured I'd ask. Thanks.

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    You mean just cutting the wire and reattaching, should be an easy job
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    No, he chewed it so close to the head that there's not really any wire left to solder or tape. I'd have to reconnect the wires directly to the prongs that plug into the computer.

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    In that case, don't attempt it. Just buy another MagSafe Adapter from Apple and a rubber bone for doggy to chew on. No point in causing damage to the machine when you can easily get another MagSafe.

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