Was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation.

Have a MBA 13 (three weeks today) and a Dell U2410 (an IPS, 8 bit panel, 24 inch, 1920*1200 WUXGA).

When I pair the MBA to the Dell, the output from the MBA to Dell is poor quality at best. Grainy, washed out, "legible" but miserable overal.

The panel is pefect, used it for work via Dell laptop and displayport, Windows desktop via HDMI (hubbed) and Xbox 360 via HDMI (hubbed). All are picture perfect.

Have tried the MBA to Dell with no less three different Displayport to HDMI cables, the last of which was a Rocketfish short throw cable attache to very high quality HDMI cable (Auvio brand). All hubbed, trying all hub ports (the hub is perfect, see previous paragraph).

Have tried brightness, contrast, etc.. and while some improvement, not much happens.

I went to the store once already, did some firmware change. Will be calling the store back later this week..and perhaps having some frank discussions with store manager...

Not happy about this, for the money I spent, I expect top notch quality, but in this regard, things have been very poor indeed.

Oh, and I've also seen the picture flat out disapears from time to time on the MBA to Dell hookup. That's right, it'll just "wink out" and come back.

I'm actually suspecting and electrical problem with the min-displayport... unlikely, but possible.

Any thoughts? Comments?