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    canot view files on usb drive from a mac
    Good Morning everyone,

    My dad has 2 macs and purchased a WD "mybook" for mac usb drive

    He wanted some movies so he gave me his drive and i pluged in on my multimedia device to transfer some movies onto the mac drive.

    Once finished , i was able to play the movies from his drive with my media device so i knew the transfer worked.

    got back to my dads place.
    plug his drive onto his mac
    mac drive shows up, we can view the files that he put there before
    cannot see the movies that i transfered. only the folders. its like if they were invisible

    go back to my place, i see that the videos are on the drive and i can even stream them to my windows pc via my home network.

    go back to my dads and the macs will not show the movies.

    Any idea???

    He has a Imac flat screen and a mac mini
    the usb drive is a WD mybook for mac 111A 1 terabite HFS

    The movies were transfered from a WD element usb drive to his drive via a WD live tv multi media device.

    Thank you


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    The "vanishing files" don't have a file name that starts with a ".", do they?
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    Thank you for your reply.

    im 97% sure theres no . in the file names. This is very strange.
    The macs will see the folders but not the movie that is in the folder.

    and i know its there. if i do more info on the drive it shows the drive as 700gigs full.

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    Oct 25, 2011
    Good Morning everyone,

    found my sollution, i installed macdrive on my pc, its a software that lets your computer read and write on a HFS formated drive. Now my dad's mac was able to view all the movies i put on his usb drive.

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