Hi guys/gals,

Hoping for some advice on this one. I have a 1tb Time Capsule and 2 macbooks that use it as a timemachine backup. I also have my itunes library shared on the drive (like a media drive) However, last night while adding a file to itunes my macbook beachballed for about 20mins, then said it couldn't access itunes file.

So, not a problem i thought, restarted mac and time capsule. Now! My macbook can see the time capsule and some files on it, but my .sparsbundles seem to be missing as is my itunes library. Obviously I cant do a disk repair as there is no sparsbundle to drag to disk util.

In airport utitily it says that I have a 935gb time capsule, and that I have 86gb free (which is about right, one of my macbooks is 500gb and one 320gb).

But still unable to see it. It wont let me create files/folders in the time capsule either.

I have made sure that all software/firmware is up to date on all machines and the capsule, but I cannot figure out what to do next.

Any help much appreciated