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    Question Connecting hard drive to computer
    Hello, so I have this old computer and want to put linux on it. It can't boot from USB because the BIOS wont let it, and the CD drive is broken. I thought of putting PLoP boot manager on a floppy disk (yes, it's old enough to have a floppy drive ) and boot from that, but then realized the computer that needs an OS is the only computer I have with a floppy drive, so I had no way of writing the file to it. I decided to take out the hard drive and was wondering if there is any way to connect it to my computer via USB? Here is what the ports look like:


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    That's an older ATA drive. What you can do is buy a USB hard drive carrier or adapter (you'll need a powered one for either) and insert or attach the hard drive that way. I have several real old hard drives that are ATA and need external power, and that's how I hook them up.

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    OK, so this is probably a dumb question, but where can I get one of those? And are they expensive?

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