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    imac carrying case???
    my gf purchased a imac 27" a year ago. the handy original carrying case has now become torn at the handle area. she doesn't want to invest $200 or more in a carrying case unless absolutely necessary. in the dozen or so times that she has had to move it between locations the original case has worked just fine. calling apple to purchase the original packaging has been futile. has anyone got any suggestions.

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    iLugger and Wheelsaway seem to be the only options for a new iMac carry case, both of them US$200 or more.

    From what I can find out, there seem no cheap options but to a) take to the torn case with needle, thread and synthetic reinforcing tape/material [hopefully your gf is a practical, hands-on sort of person ]; or b) use a plain airline carry bag large enough to accommodate the 27" iMac.
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    Get a pelican case with foam. It comes in squares to remove and create the desired shape.
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