After many months of heartache and long nights manually recovering data after a fatal crash of our trusted G5, we have a brand spanking new Macpro, We have been using Time Capsule and time machine to back up and I am attempting to restart TC after a few months languishing in the 'silent' mode.

So, having reset the TC I wanted to start backing up again. Our configuration is that we have two drives (1 and 2, obviously); all the data and applications reside in Drive 1 Bay 1 (a 2 Tb drive) and drive 2 bay 2 is, empty awaiting the inevitable overspill of film, music and pictures.

When I open TM preferences and go to select disk it only sees D2B2 and I need to know how to change this to back up the data in D1B1, I have tried the Apple support forum, fast lane and others but, as yet, have no satisfactory solution. Can any kindly soul here assist please - in lay-persons language:-)

Uncle H