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    Bluetooth mouse availability?
    Hello. I did a search for this and only found a discusion about a possible Apple Wireless Mouse. Has anybody else found a source for a bluetooth mouse? The only item I have found is a Keyboard and Mouse combo at Bestbuy for $150! All I need is a mouse to go with my new 12" PB. Does a mouse exist yet?


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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    Thanks for the reply. Problem with the Apple mouse, is that I might as well as keep using the trackpad...I have several laptops...and I prefer the external mouse so I can have the scroll wheel etc.

    After I posted the note, I did do a google search and found that they are selling the MS BlueTooth mouse by itself now, which is good...but that is one big mouse...and heavy. It is almost as big as the laptop!

    This is the one I was aware of with the keyboard for $150 at Bestbuy. I would still like to find something smaller, and less expensive.


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    If you're going bluetooth you're going to spend some bucks.. that's the nature of bluetooth at this point.. the prices are slowly going down, but everything is still quite expensive.

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