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    Flash Drive Won't Work in Windows

    I formated my flash drive on my Mac, and now it will not open my files in Windows. Is there a way you can format the flash drive using Mac OS X and still be able to access the files using the Windows operating system?

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    Use MacDrive 6 on the windows machine.


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    Format it in MS-DOS format and the mac can read and write to it
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    I'm also having trouble using my iPod Shuffle to transfer Pictures files...!!!

    This MacDrive 6 is what I need, right?

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    For the shuffle, ctrl + click on the iPod shuffle in the Source list to the left, then select iPod Options...

    You'll then want to put a check next to "Enable disk use" and move the slider.

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    Just format it FAT and both windows and OSX will read it. Just don't every use NTFS or HFS if you want both machines to read it.

    iWhat, great info on the Shuffle. Since I have never played with one I did not know that. Very good to know. My first Digital Camera, an HP, had that option also and would not show as a drive unless it was checked.

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    Thanks for the replies. I think I will take dtravis7 advice and format it using FAT. I was afraid that if I formatted the flash drive in Windows it wouldn't work on my Mac.

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