Hello all. I just upgraded my modem to get higher speeds (My ISP, Rogers, told me I had to take their new router/modem to do this). Since then, nothing but issues. I read online about turning off the router capabilities of the modem and using it strictly modem with an alternate router solved many issues. Being a Mac household, I purchased an Airport Extreme to do this. I have had no problems accessing the net or connecting the PS3 to the AE - however, I have being using Nullriver's MediaLink to stream content from my imac to the PS3 and since implementing the AE, Medialink no longer shows up on my PS3.

Upon more investigation I noticed Medialink shares via UPnP, and AE doesn't support that. I would think that there must be some workaround to this given that Medialink is an app sold on the Apple Store and therefore one would assume it's compatible with Apple products - Airport included.

Any help would be appreciated. I really need to get this thing working again - I steam kids shows for my son early in the morning and having access to his library via the PS3 is crucial.

Thanks in advance,