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    Connecting a Macbook Pro to a Dell Monitor
    I have a 13" Macbook Pro (mid-2010) and I want to connect it to a Dell Ultrasharp 1708FP monitor. I thought I bought the right cables, but I was completely off.

    The ports on the monitor look like this:

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    And I probably don't need to include this here, but in case there was any confusion over which model of Macbook Pro I have, the ports on my computer look like this:

    Can anyone help me with which cables I need to get? Also, if anyone knows of any additional setup I need, that would be great too!

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    To identify your own ports, see post # 4 - here

    But that would be VGA and DVI on your Dell and should be (that pic is not clear enough) a mini displayport (mdp) on your Mac.

    You should be using a mdp to DVI connection.
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