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    ThermaPAK Cooling Pad vs Targus Chillmat?
    Hey everyone,

    I do a bit of gaming on my Window's partition on my 15" macbook pro. I have a ThermaPAK cooling pad that I've had for about a year/year and a half now, and it is pretty good, but my mac still gets hot and I feel like the grooves of the pad may have flattened over time so it doesn't get as much circulation underneath anymore.

    Instead of buying another ThermaPAK right away, I came across the targus "chill mat" Targus Chill Mat

    I feel like this may be a better choice simply because it has built in fans underneath the mesh to really circulate air. The downside is that it plugs into USB, meaning it may create a little more heat because I'll need to get a USB splitter.

    What do you guys think? Do you think the chillmat is better than the thermapak cooling pad?


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    Thanks =)

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