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Thread: Airport Extreme not working with USB Hub

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    Airport Extreme not working with USB Hub
    -I have 2 different hdd devices. One LaCie 1TB Big Disk - This acts as my time machine. The other is a Drobo with 4TB of storage - This acts as my media & everything else storage device.
    -Both were connected to my Airport Extreme via a Powered Belkin USB Hub.
    -Previously, I could always access both simultaneously, no problems ever.

    Updated to Lion the day it came out:
    -No problems, everything still works fine

    Last Lion Update:
    -Both drives began simultaneously & randomly disappearing from my finder window. I would look for them in the disks tab of the Airport Extreme in Airport Utility. They did not appear there either.
    -There were no problems with the internet connection, or the network connection. The status light on the Airport Extreme still showed green.
    -Power cycled EVERYTHING & No change.
    -Tried plugging in the hard drives separately. Both worked independently & Time machine still backs up - so I don't think this is a time machine not supported issue.
    -When I plugged in through the USB Hub, the device that was plugged in first was the only device to show up in the Disks tab in Airport Utility.
    -Unplugged the Hub from the Airport & the power source. Plugged both drives into the hub then to the Airport, then to the power source. The drive that spins up the fastest (usually the LaCie) shows in Disks.
    -Same thing just plugged the Hub into the power source before the Airport - still only one drive shows up.

    So, I concluded that it must be a problem with the USB Hub- bought a NewerTech Powered Hub:
    -Still the same problems!!!
    -Concluded that I wasted money on the new Hub

    Any Solutions? Anyone else having these issues?


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    This has happened to other forum members not all hubs are created equal do a search and see what brands are working.

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