I normally connect my Lacie Network Space 2 to my Macbook Pro with the Ethernet to USB cable that was provided with the external HD.

There are a couple of movies on it that I wanted to see on my tv, so I connected the HD with my tv with the USB to USB cable that was also provided with the HD. I used the Ethernet cable to write the movies to the HD.

According to the tv, there was nothing on the HD, so while the HD was still connected to the tv, I used the Ethernet/USB cable to read the HD with my Macbook.

Now, when connected with the Ethernet cable, the Macbook says that there are NO items on the HD, and it keeps trying to connect, but nothing happens.

So I tried connecting with the USB/USB cable and I can only read what I put on on the HD with the USB/USB.

Now what do I do? All the data that I backed up on the HD with the Ethernet cable has become invisible. And I need that data.

Many thanks,