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    External display native resolution not shown
    Hi all,

    I have just acquired to new Samsung E1920 19" external displays (VGA connectivity only) and I use a MacBook Pro 2.53 Ghz Intel Core i5 on Mac OS X Lion (10.7.1).

    One of the displays is connected using Kensington's DisplayLink device and works perfectly at its native resolution of 1400x900. However, the device connected via VGA (through the Apple mini display port to VGA connector) will not offer 1400x900 as a resolution for the screen. It offers plenty of resolutions, but none of them are supported by the resolution, and I was determined to use the native resolution of 1400x900 so that it matched my Macbook Pro's native resolution.

    Are there any ways to bypass the suggested resolutions? Or for my laptop to recognise the native resolution of the Samsung display?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Using the Apple Mini Display Port adapter - to VGA - to the Samsung requires that you operate the MBP in clamshell mode in order to get the 1400 x 900 native resolution.

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