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clipsedsm95 09-19-2011 11:14 AM

5400 vs 7200 RPM Hard Drive?
Hey guys, I wanted to know if somebody could help me with this. My MacBook Pro 2011 13" i5 came with a 320GB 5400 Hard Drive. I want to upgrade to a 750 7200RPM Hard Drive. Will there be a noticeable battery drain? Because they have 1TB but only in 5400. 7200 is better speeds right? Thanks for the help in advanced.

harryb2448 09-19-2011 06:16 PM

Higher speed does equal more heat. If there is a safety factor in your current heating, go for it. If your readings are pretty high, stick with the 5400 as the speed increase will not be a great as you think.

iStat will help with heat readings.

vansmith 09-19-2011 06:20 PM

I've had a 7200RPM drive in my MB for more than 2 years now and haven't had a heat issue nor was there are noticeable degradation of my battery quality. I'd say go for it if you're willing to pay the few extra bucks for the speed.

robduckyworth 09-19-2011 08:16 PM

honestly, i wouldnt go for anything less than 7200rpm, its the sweet spot. its a slight speed increase but its worth it.

Jaygray 09-19-2011 09:48 PM

If installed 7200 RPM drives in my last two MBPs without issue. You get a nice bump in speed and I haven't noticed any negative downsides to the upgrade. It's really a no brainer.

clipsedsm95 09-20-2011 12:40 PM

Thank you guys I definitely made my choice to go with the 750GB 7200RPM wish there was a TB 7200RPM on OWC they only have the TB in 5400 but then again when will I ever fill up 750 :D

clipsedsm95 09-20-2011 12:43 PM

But is there maybe a boot up difference with the 7200?

vansmith 09-20-2011 12:53 PM

There might be a difference depending on what you have running during your boot sequence but it won't be significantly faster.

clipsedsm95 09-20-2011 01:26 PM

Oh ok and for running applications at start I have none and I am running Lion which is a tad bit more sluggish on start up then SL was

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