Recently I have been thinking about upgrading my 2011 MBP with a SSD. The primary use of this laptop is as a desktop replacement. It sits on the desk, with a dual monitor setup and is used for everything I do on the computer. I have already upgraded the RAM to 8GB. I have a 750GB 7200rpm external hard drive that is connected my a firewire800 for backups and the internal drive in the Mac is 750GB at 5200rpms.

My question is this: First, if I were to switch over to a SSD what is the proper way to copy over the OS and the applications, without coping all my other media. (Movies, music, pictures documents, etc.) Also, I currently use 240gb of space on my current hard drive, 62GB of this is just in the iTunes folder. While 480gb SSD's are available I'm not sure spending that much money will justify the performance gains for the purposes I am using my computer for. The 240gb drives are more in my price range but obviously leave me with some dilemmas. How have you guys dealt with these problems?

Thanks for any opinions and advice guys.