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Thread: Keys typed when not pressed

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    Question Keys typed when not pressed
    I'm having a problem that has me a bit stumped. Keys are being pressed on my computer without being typed. Here are the facts I'm facing:

    Problem has occurred on two different computers.
    MacBook Pro Aluminum, about 1 year old.
    iMac 27", 1 week old.

    My first suspicion was that liquid had been spilled on my laptop keyboard and caused the problem. But then the same problem started up with my new computer.

    The new computer has a new Keyboard and a trackpad.

    The ONLY common element between the two computers is a second monitor I am using, and a USB mouse (Microsoft Arc Mouse that folds flat).

    My suspicion is leaning towards the mouse causing the problem because when I first used it the OS was mistaking it for a new keyboard, but the dialog said to exit the new keyboard setup if the USB device wasn't a keyboard.

    Has anyone heard of a situation like this, or even better know a solution.

    Thanks for any possible help.

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    The easiest thing to try is to use a standard USB mouse in place of the ARC mouse and see if it still occurs

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