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    1st off thanks for any help and be easy on me.. Way newbie here...

    I have a new macbook pro and a seagate goflex 2Tb external hard drive. I guess I am actually asking what i should do with the goflex.. This is what I think I am trying to accomplish on the seagate.
    I want to be able to backup mac, store pictures and music files from both OS, so that those files can be accessed by either OS.
    My thoughts were to create 2 partitions, 1 for Mac backup(Mac OS Extended (Journaled)(guid partition table) & the other partition for music & picture files Not sure if it should be MS-DOS(Fat) or Windows NT filesystem (NTSF-3G) & Master Boot record. Also, If this is how i should do it, then will I be able to use the time machine on the partition specifically for mac backup. Whew, I certainly hope this understandable!.. and that i don't sound like a complete idiot!..

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    I would keep one drive separate with Time Machine for Mac back ups.
    Purchase another drive format to Fat32 so both OS's can read/write to it assuming the other OS is Windows.

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