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Thread: Portable Hard Drive formatting and partitioning issues.

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    Portable Hard Drive formatting and partitioning issues.
    First off I am unsure if this is the correct area to post this but how exactly or if I can exactly set my portable hard drive to be partitioned for windows and mac? If so how can I do that and do I need some can of application?

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    Disk Utility (Utilities folder) can partition and format external drives.
    The format that is easily usable by both Macs and PCs is FAT32.
    But caution, FAT32 is an unreliable old format (that Microsoft doesn't use now).
    Instead, you should use NTFS (windows format), with software added on your Mac to read and write it,
    or GUID, Mac OS extended, journaled (not case sensitive) (also called HFS+), with some software added on the WinPC to be able to read and write to it.

    example of software:
    HFS for Windows - file system driver | PARAGON Software Group

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