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Thread: external monitor question

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    external monitor question
    Hi all,

    I am trying to connect a Lilliput 8" 869gl-80np/c/t Touch Screen W/dvi.hdmi Input to my macbook pro. im using the supplied dvi to hdmi cable. when i connect it to the macbook pro the screens on both mac and monitor flash continuously between the desktop image and a blu screen. i can still move the mouse cursor when it flashs the desktop into view. when i unplug it the flashing stops and my mac returns to normal view. i have selected the detect displays, etc but it does not correct the issue. i can see that it sees the monitor and gives me the option to mirror or not mirror the desktop on the monitor but no matter what i choose it still flashes. i wanted to ask if anyone has had this issue or maybe has a solution.

    as always,


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    It sounds like either the cable or the adapter you're using may be the problem. Make sure you've got a tight connection. The flashing between a desktop image and blue screen usually indicates a loose or bad connection. Possibly a defective adapter or cable.

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