Is anyone else having trouble connecting their MBAir to the jam box? I don't know if it is the jam box or my MBAir, or if it has to do with running Lion. I can't remember if this problem started before or after running Lion.

So, even though I had paired my jam box to my MBAir before, the jam box is in the device list, but I have to do a new device setup to get it recognized. But that's just the start of the problem.

Two things happening: After the jam box says it is paired to the MBA, it doesn't show that it is connected on the MBA Bluetooth Preferences. Or, after jam box says it is paired, the Bluetooth preferences does show that it is connected, after maybe less than a minute, I get error window saying there was a problem with the connection and then it is disconnected.

I looked on Jawbone's website and saw that a few others may be having the same problem, but it wasn't clear. And, there was no response acknowledging it or with a fix.

What's up WITH THAT!?