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Thread: What Printer do You Use? Would You Get Either of These?

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    What Printer do You Use? Would You Get Either of These?
    My Canon Pixma died on me last week and I need a new printer. I'm leaning towards an HP for the Air Print feature because the wife and I each have an iPhone 4 and we have an iPad we share. But it's not an absolute necessity.

    We need a photo printer with copy/scan functions, and one that uses separate ink cartridges so I'm not wasting ink with those multi-color cartridges. Don't want to spent more than $150. Here's the 2 we're contemplating at the moment... HP Photosmart Premium Wireless e-All-in-One (CN503A#B1H): Electronics HP Photosmart Plus Wireless e-All-in-One Printer (CN216A#B1H): Electronics

    Any comments or suggestions? Thanks, guys and gals.
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    The main difference I see between the 2 are the first one is a little faster and has a better scanner and probably be my pick because I scan photos occasionally. I use an HP C6380 for the last couple of years and would like to get a new e-print version just can't justify it with mine working so well. One thing that does tick me off
    about HP they have taken away the ethernet connection on all but top of the line.

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    I am not a fan of ink-jet printers . . . period.

    I have no idea what your usage is for photo printing (the only justification I can see at all for choosing ink-jet over laser). But lets assume you print on average one 8x10 and a dozen 4x6 photos per month.

    If you used Snapfish (or some other photo printing service) you would spend per year approximately $50 on photos.

    12 ea 8x10 @ $3 ea = $36
    150 ea 4x6 @ $0.09 ea= $13.50

    Total cost $49.50 which includes online ordering with local in-store pickup if desired.

    If you assume your printer life to be 5 years (just for argument sake) the total lifetime outlay (for photos only) would be ~$250

    If you do it yourself the yearly cost works out something like this:

    Photo Paper
    150 sheets of 4x6 $10
    12 sheets of 8.5x11 $6
    Photo Ink (assume 2 yrs usage per cartridge) $20
    Subtotal $36

    Then you have to add the amortized printer cost which could be all over the place I am going with a low $15/year

    This brings your total cost to $51/year

    Bottomline: Even with optimistic numbers because I think the actual costs to print yourself will be significantly higher (photo cartridges dry up and are subject to unequal usage of colors) at the best it is a wash on cost for photos only.

    What isn't factored in here is the additional cost for printing B&W sheets. Laser is a clear winner here both in life expectancy and consumables cost, generally costing 1/4 or less of ink-jet.

    My reccomendation (and what I have done) is to buy a good standalone scanner and laser printer (wireless) and order prints on the (extremely rare) occasions that I want them.
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