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    time capsule + lion = problem?
    Hi all.
    I was planning on a buying a time capsule with a new Mac I have just purchased, which will arrive with Lion installed. Having spent a bit of time on these forums and others getting advice leading up to this purchase, I have noticed there seem to be a lot of people having trouble with the Lion/TC combo. I even noticed on the Apple website it said something along the lines of TC for Leopard and Snow Leopard will back up all your data wirelessly. So they've gone out of their way to include Lion in their TC page...?

    Anyway, I got cold feet on the TC purchase with the Mac and now I'm looking for some sort of consensus from fellow Apple peeps as to whether I should pursue it? I am sure Apple will sort the issues out given the amount of work that has gone into TC, right?

    Finally, apologies if this should be in the OS thread

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    I have a 2TB TC backing up two mid 2010 MBPs with Lion installed on both and have had no problems. Works seamlessly with my setup.


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    alright, well thanks for the feedback Mark. maybe i'm just stressing for no reason. i guess i'll start shopping for one. any tips on cheapest prices for australia, anyone?

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    I had no problems at all. It's not any more difficult to set up than any other router.

    As for purchasing one, whichever one you choose, make sure it comes from Apple's refurb store. Mac Accessories - Apple Store (Australia). I have no idea what the A$ is worth, but I'm gonna guess $199 is a good deal for a 1TB model.

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    thanks for the hot tip. i wanted a 2TB actually, but got one for $268, still well below RRP, and covered under apple care from my recent Pro purchase. awesome!

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    I actually just got back from an Lion briefing at work, and part of the update to Time Machine stresses its usefulness with a TC on Lion. Things are running quite smoothly with them, so go for it!


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