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Thread: eMac Trouble

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    eMac Trouble
    Hi, well i finally bought my first Mac the other day; an eMac 1GHz combo machine with 60Gb hard drive, 128Mb RAM running OS X Jaguar.
    It has been running well apart from the fact that occasionally I am getting a message on screen telling me I need to restart my computer (I cannot escape this as far as I know; so I lose any unsaved work)

    Is there anyone out there who has experienced a similar problem or knows a way around this?


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    Get More RAM.
    It will fix all your probs.
    Its one thing i really hate about Apple... their iMac, iBook and eMac ranges have **** all ram. I bought a 17" iMac for $AUD3400, with edu discount, and it came with 256, its a load of crap.
    128 meg? thats just insane. No computer manuacturer puts 128 meg of ram in any machines anymore. Christ, ive seen a PDA with more ram than that.

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    hmm ok it does seem to have gone now
    but now i cannot empty the trash due to an annoying program with every file locked. how do i unlock these?

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    its ok sorted that too
    Mac's are much easier to sort out, and much less problems too

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    a. ram doesnt have anything to do with the problem and
    b. if you think nothing comes with 128 mb, check out customizable pcs, they start with 128 as standard and they are really high end if anything above 512 mb

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