Well, I went out and did it. I was trying to be the good Apple convert, and make use of the Apple Pro mouse, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed the right mouse button. I know, I know.... I gave in. But I couldn't help it, I was born with the need to use more than one button I guess. So I go to Best Buy, and there is this black beauty. I had seen the MX700 before, the wireless model, which I have never really been interested in. The MX500 was only 40 smackers, so I said, "Sure why not?". I'd get all these buttons to play with, and with Expose, that might be kinda cool...

I get home, plug this thing in, do a little google to see how to set 'er up ( who needs manuals, when you can do a 2 second google search and come up with a post from some poor sap like myself trying to cheat the requirements of all other human beings on the planet ). All I can say is that it is a little cooler than cool . It is much more acurate than the Apple Pro mouse, at least for my mousing, and I programmed the 2 side buttons to perform a little Expose show for me, without having to touch the keyboard at all. Can ya tell I'm kinda lazy Plus the scroll wheel is pretty much a necessity these days. There are also 4 more buttons that I can program, and one came programmed with ALT-TAB Nice!

Summary, a great mouse for $40. Optical, 8 ( 6 + left/right )programmable buttons, nice feel, looks good, and functions great. Sure there are optical meeses out the for like $18 or so, but the extra money is worth it for the build quality, the functionality, and overall appearance.

Two thumbs up to Logitech with the MX500!