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    Unhappy panther and keyboard problem
    I recently installed Panther retail on my 1 ghz eMac. I love panther but for some reason the volume keys and eject key on my keyboard no longer work. There is no beep, no picture, nothing. I know the cd tray is working and all the other keys work. Please, if you can help send me an email or something. I'd like to be able to open my cd drive.

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    I have the same problme with my 800mhz (OS/9 bootable) iMac. Any suggestions?

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    same here
    I have the same problem on my 533MHz PowerPC G4 Tower with Panther... bleh.

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    Panther and Kwyboard
    It turns out I needed an update to USB Overdrive. That took care of the problem!

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    I do not believe that I have usb overdrive...

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    I'm not getting panther yet.
    seems far too many problems for me to take the risk

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    No problems for me. Everything is flawless and the internet works faster than ever..I think because the panther install actually defrags the disk or 'optimizes' it.

    The only bug I have had is when I try to play starcraft in full screen mode. It will not reset the screen resolution to 640x480 like Jaguar did, but I think that is a Blizzard problem.

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